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Ready Sod
Seed Peat
Armina Gold is a seed Peat A Quality Sphagnum origin with equalised pH and salinity with near zero after careful processes performed in our plants. It is marketing in packages of 80 lt.
tohum torfu It has a characteristic of rehabilitative and regulating soil structure.
tohum torfu It makes germination fast by stimulating humat seed absorbed from the pore of seed.
tohum torfu It increases vitamin contents of plants.
tohum torfu It prevents macro and micro elements in soil from going away from root section. It makes them available and natural chelation.
tohum torfu By improving the vegetable nutrients (N,P,K-Mg-Ca-Zn-Fe-Cu-Mn-B vs) to be tolerable by soil it makes blooming healtier.
tohum torfu By arranging soil Ph it makes acidic and alkaline soils neutral.
tohum torfu By preventing nitrogen from vanishing off it gives it to plant gradually.
tohum torfu It changes water-nonsoluble calcium carbonate (lime) into water-soluble calcium bicarbonate by crumbling it. It uses the released carbon dioxide in photosynthesis.
tohum torfu
  Ph 5,5-6,0
  Electrical %89,8
  conductivity 0,2-0,4 ds/m
  T.Lime %2,1
  N %1,12
  P %0,1
  K %0,5