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hakkımızdaOur Company started up the commercial activities on October 2003 with the turf production that is a type of plant breeding under the name of Emir Tarım and continued its activities by producing grass seed mixes, feeder crop seeds, pearlite, organic fertilizer and other plant feeding products.  

In the second half of 2009 our company was changed into the limited liability company under the name of KTS TARIM. On the other hand, it started up to work with the leading turf producer companies in Germany and presented the new generation seedlings and Greenbelt, a seed turf, to the Turkish agriculture.  

By succeeding an export drive in the beginning of 2013 by introducing three countries to its products and made a significant contribution to Turkish economy.

Our Company that is on the way of continuous investigations with the expert staff in order to make investments in the innovation spirit. It wishes to render services in agricultural sector to country’s economy by keeping  the customer’s satisfaction at its best.

As KTS, we would like to state that we will keep on making production with this intent and resolution and  express our gratidude towards dealers and friends who are in collaboration with us and wishes them auspicious gains. 
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