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Ready Sod
Farm Fertilizer

Fertilizers obtained by burnt with ovine breeding (sheep, goat) animal fertilizers and by natural composting method.

Hazardous plants and weed seeds in the composted Fertilizers are disposed of and later it is presented to market in bags of 25 kg.

çiftlik gübresi Farm Fertilizer increases contents of soil including food elements.
çiftlik gübresi It increases water retaing capacity of soil.
çiftlik gübresi It increases ventilation of soil due to its organic structure.
çiftlik gübresi It regulates of soil structure. In sandy soils it ties sand granules to each other and in heavy clay soils looses the soil parts and gives soil a convenient structure. It secures that soil is annealed easily.
çiftlik gübresi Farm Fertilizer prevents erosion.
çiftlik gübresi CO2 and organic acids that are brought about in the end of farm Fertilizer is broken up in soil makes the plant food elements useful for vegetables.
çiftlik gübresi Farm Fertilizer has a light alkaline reaction. For this reason it effects also pH of soil.
çiftlik gübresi Farm Fertilizer effects positively micro organisms in soil in terms of amount and efficiency. Accordingly, more micro organisms are given to soil by farm Fertilizer.
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