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70lt Seed Peat

Greenbelt Subtrate 1 is a Baltic sphagnum Peat that is specially prepared for arboriculturists in packages of 70 lt, in sieve thickness of 0-10 mm.  It is of high-class quality with adjusted pH value.

Greenbelt Subtrare 1 that has an excellent drainage can be used in every field of agriculture and horticulture and its harvest tield is of high-class quality. The product, which is also available for  planting vegetables that are sensitive nitrate, includes fertilizer.

By way of dolamite, fertilizer and trace elements the product brings about a balanced combination that is able to encourage quick sprout and rapid growing. By ripk that is added to the product remarkable results are gained and all necessary trace elements are arranged by Radigen Plus. It does not include any wooden, stone, alienated seed, fungus, nematod and similar diseases.

Decomposition degree   H2 - H4
pH value (CaCL2) approx   5.8 - 6.2
pH value (H2O) approx   6.4 - 6.9
Porosity   % 90 - 95
Volume weight (in dry state)   70 GR / L
Organic substance (in dry state)   & 96-99
Humidity Rate   % 35
Air conductivity   % 16 - 55
Electric conductivity   270 - 330 uS/CM
Fertilizer rate (NPK + TE)   15+10+20 1,2 kg/m³
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